September 1, 2010

Our Birthday Boy...1 AMAZING Year!

Our baby Garrett is 1 today!  It has been an amazing year filled with so many wonderful memories. 
It has been so much fun watching him grow and develop into the little guy that he is.  To think that 12 short months ago he was such a little peanut (relatively speaking since whe was 8lbs 3ozs) and today he is walking...almost running, babbling away, playing with toys, smiling a tooth filled grin, giving hugs and kisses, and completely filling our hearts with joy. 

 A couple months ago I heard the song by Revive that is playing in the background of his slideshow and I couldn't get the words out of my head..."it happens in a blink, it happens in a flash......".  The words of the song resonated within me as I thought about how quickly my kids are growing and it made me really stop and think about consciously putting my kids first.  Putting them and their needs ahead of my own goals, desires and plans for the day, week or years to come; putting them ahead of the things in life that have no lasting meaning and taking the time to love on them as much as possible....the things that in the end really do matter!  We love you Garrett and are grateful for every day that God has allowed us to call you our little boy, may it be His will to bless you with many, many more!

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