October 26, 2010

Applesauce & Pumpkin Carving...unlrelated but both fun!

Monday after dropping Jenna off at school I picked up my grandma from her house (and yes, Jenna is very upset she didn't get to help but never fear grandma is getting more apples so she'll get her chance).  Undoubtedly the sweetest and most independent 93 year old I know!  She knew my mom and I were planning to finally make some applesauce and she wanted to come help, and help she did.  She cut up just as many apples as I did, and it's always so much fun spending time with her.

Grandma giving Garrett a chance to use the sauce master, the easiest possible way we have found to make applesauce.  Garrett didn't care about it making our job easier, he just liked playing with it.
Once he got the hang of it he needed to do it all by himself...
He also liked dipping his finger into the bowl that had some strained apple juice in it...mmmm...those little fingers couldn't get more fast enough. 
He adores my grandma and of course he had to see what she was doing. 
Mmmm, finally the applesauce was cool and Garrett could eat some, as usual he loved it! 

Tonight we carved the kids pumpkins.  Jenna was all into it this year and couldn't wait to get the "guts" as she called them, out of the pumpkin.  She wants badly to bake the pumpkin seeds so she took extra care to find every last seed she could. 
Of course it's fun for her to decide what she wants carved and clean out the inside but then all the cutting gets left to mom and dad.  Oh well, I really don't mind a bit and it was a great family time. 

Garrett wanted to see what was going on so we strapped him into his seat, put him on the counter and he thought it was a great view.  He needed some of his own utensils to play with and pretend to be carving his pumpkin with. 
The finished product.  Jenna chose a cat and Garrett wanted a silly face (or that's just what mommy thought he would want). 

October 24, 2010

Garrett's 1st Haircut!

Cute as it was, the little curl on the back of Garrett's head was beginning to look more like a mullet.  I've been putting it off for a few weeks because there's just something about that "1st haircut" that screams, my baby is growing up!  He never lost much hair on the back of his head which allowed for the long strip of hair to grow, as well as a long tuft on the top of his head that had a mind of its own and quite often was sticking up unless wet down.  With the help of Jenna entertaining, along with his beloved animal crackers we got the job done.

Apparently he didn't mind at all and spent his time catching up on some text messages and e-mails on my BlackBerry while I trimmed away (I didn't know he even had it until I saw the picture when I was done). 

Pumpkin Patch

Friday afternoon was beautiful when Dave got home from work so we took the kiddos to the pumpkin patch for some fresh air and fun!
Jenna has her wagon all set to pull a big pumpkin...
Once we were close to the patch she thought Garrett needed a ride. 
Garrett enjoyed roaming in the pumpkin patch and trying to pick up all the pumpkins. 
Jenna found her big one...

...but we convinced her to go for something a little more her size.  

Of course she had to feed the bunny and Garrett had to take a quick ride on the tractor.

Now this week we'll have to make time for some carving fun!

Fun with Fall!

One of the more frustrating things about dealing with the sickness of this pregnancy has been missing out on some fantastic fall weather this year!  Fortunately Dave loves to be outside and doesn't mind having the kids outside with him.  The sunshine does have a way of making me feel better even on a crummy feeling day.

Jenna went with her Papa and Nana for an afternoon to Cranes.  They had a lot of fun picking apples and running around the orchard.  She was kind enough to share one of her apples when she got home and Garrett was very happy about that.  He wanted nothing to do with the apple slices, he was all about chomping it all on his own.
At the annual Kapenga Family Harvest Party Dave's sister Amy was gracious enough to spend most of the afternoon giving pony ride after pony ride much to the delight of the kids.  Jenna has always loved Amy's horses, maybe soon she'll be brave enough to ride one of the big ones!

Garrett and his Papa.  He loves his papa and will pass by pretty much everyone else in a room to get to him.  It quite easily could have something to do with the quad rides given by papa that Garrett absolutely loves, but regardless, when papa is in the room it's generally the only person he wants.  I can't say for certain, but I have a feeling papa doesn't mind that too much :-) 
How can you have Kapenga genes and not like to clean right?  Dave's nephew Evan always loved the vacuum cleaner and Garrett seems to be following suit by loving brooms.  If he's in the garage and spots the broom he begs to have it down.  This little one is a bit less dangerous for all people and cars around. 
The other day I was going to give the kitchen floor a quick mop and Garrett simply wouldn't let go of the handle so I had a little helper.  I'll be sure to remind him when he's 13 or so that he used to want to help me clean and now I have a picture to prove it. 

A boy and his tractor...

Garrett LOVES tractors.  Every time he sees one he wants to get on it so it was only natural that he wanted to ride with daddy.  We couldn't find the headset to cover his little ears but to our amazement he didn't mind having ear plugs in his ears at all and left them in! 

School Days...

Jenna was excited to start school this fall.  She's in Young 5's at Zeeland Christian.  It amazes me how much she has blossomed this year and done things that last year she would have never considered doing.  She really enjoys her teacher, Mrs. Kamp's, and her helper, Mrs. Hulshof.  We cannot wait to see how she continues to grow throughout the year.

Jenna picked out the fabric and helped me decorate her new backpack...

A big hug for her little brother.  I think he kinda likes the peace and quiet while she's gone each morning. 
Can't pass up the picture by the sign. 

October 11, 2010

Family Photo Outdated!

Just a couple weeks ago Tracy VanDerMeulen took Garrett's 1 year pics, Jenna's 5 year pics and a new family picture.  We're happy to announce that the family picture is already outdated, baby #3 is on the way!  We actually knew before the pictures were taken but decided we wanted to still have them done.  The baby is due May 6.  Like my previous two pregnancies I am sick, but none of them have been the same kind of sick.  This one has been the worst but I keep telling myself that it will be over before I know it.  We had already been looking at minivans since it was time to replace my car and we did find one so we can check that off the list :-).