October 24, 2010

Fun with Fall!

One of the more frustrating things about dealing with the sickness of this pregnancy has been missing out on some fantastic fall weather this year!  Fortunately Dave loves to be outside and doesn't mind having the kids outside with him.  The sunshine does have a way of making me feel better even on a crummy feeling day.

Jenna went with her Papa and Nana for an afternoon to Cranes.  They had a lot of fun picking apples and running around the orchard.  She was kind enough to share one of her apples when she got home and Garrett was very happy about that.  He wanted nothing to do with the apple slices, he was all about chomping it all on his own.
At the annual Kapenga Family Harvest Party Dave's sister Amy was gracious enough to spend most of the afternoon giving pony ride after pony ride much to the delight of the kids.  Jenna has always loved Amy's horses, maybe soon she'll be brave enough to ride one of the big ones!

Garrett and his Papa.  He loves his papa and will pass by pretty much everyone else in a room to get to him.  It quite easily could have something to do with the quad rides given by papa that Garrett absolutely loves, but regardless, when papa is in the room it's generally the only person he wants.  I can't say for certain, but I have a feeling papa doesn't mind that too much :-) 
How can you have Kapenga genes and not like to clean right?  Dave's nephew Evan always loved the vacuum cleaner and Garrett seems to be following suit by loving brooms.  If he's in the garage and spots the broom he begs to have it down.  This little one is a bit less dangerous for all people and cars around. 
The other day I was going to give the kitchen floor a quick mop and Garrett simply wouldn't let go of the handle so I had a little helper.  I'll be sure to remind him when he's 13 or so that he used to want to help me clean and now I have a picture to prove it. 

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