November 10, 2010

Oh Garrett!

Jenna enjoys jumping in her bean bag and trying to do all sorts of flips and tricks.  Well Rett has been watching and those eyes take in everything.  It didn't take long before he was joining in the crazy fun!

After a running start from the kitchen he jumped in... 
Of course what little boy can pass up the change to play on the footstool.  Garrett finds it hilarious to climb, or should I say, flip, off the stool.  You can see the smile on his face so you can imagine how hard he is laughing when he does this.   
"I saw nenna (a.k.a. Jenna) jump off the stool so I can too mom".  Oh child, your grandma said you were going to be a stinker with that naughty twinkle in your eye and that mischievous laugh...I think she knew what she was talking about! 
Sweet Jenna, how can something so sweet looking possibly be teaching your little brother naughty things??? 

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