November 10, 2010

Scary Sharks and Beautiful Butterflies!

Garrett was our scary shark this year, although with a smile like that he's hardly scary.  When asked what a shark says he made more of a lion growl but it was cute nonetheless.  He had fun going to visit family and a few of the neighbors, especially the little girls of the neighborhood that adore him.  I think his favorite was having kids knock on our door.  Whenever he heard the knock he RAN to the door and would laugh at the kids standing there.  On second thought, he got the taste of his first sucker and it was a big hit, amazingly he wasn't even messy with it!
After MUCH indecision, Jenna settled on being a butterfly.  A trip to Wal-Mart allowed us to find some inexpensive wings, a matching skirt and the items needed to make some quick antenna.  Bonus with a costume like this is that the items made there way to the dress up box so they'll be used again and again.  We took Jenna home from her soccer game in the morning and were able to visit some family in the afternoon.  Later in the day she went back to her dad's and did some trick-or-treating with her cousins. 

I think the sweetest moment came when she chose to give all but a couple pieces of her candy to her teacher at school.  Mrs. Kamps will be sending to her son serving in the Army overseas, all the candy that kids chose to bring in.  Jenna was excited when she learned that they hand the candy out to little kids their and she couldn't believe that those children rarely get candy!  I love the giving spirit that she is developing, it's just so sweet.
Daddy with the kiddos.

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