December 21, 2010

Garrett's Growing...

I know every parent says the same thing about their children so it is cliche, but I'll say it anyway.  I sometimes cannot believe how fast this little man is growing up!  He's turning in to quite a little chatter box and knows exactly what he wants even when he doesn't know the word.  He's a neat little boy, must take after his dad!  He insists on eating with a fork, loves picking things up and putting them in the trash (we have to watch that one since some things, like his sisters toys, don't belong in the trash) and the new little vacuum he received as a Christmas gift is a BIG hit.

Yeah books!  For a little guy who is always on the move, one thing that will often stop his constant motion are books.  His favorites right now are the touch and feel animal books, anything with Elmo or dogs and his Farm Animal flap book. 

Garrett is usually awake before Jenna and will often cuddle for a few minutes before scooting off your lap and going to the fridge for his milk.  Most days he'll also open the pantry and ask for "num, nums" (aka, Cheerios).  I was folding some laundry and he thought he was big stuff hanging out the couch with his milk and cheerios.
Jenna was coloring one day when he woke up from his nap and within seconds he was right there with her coloring away.  After I took the picture we moved him to the highchair where we know the worst thing the crayon can get on is the tray. 
Love you little man!

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