January 30, 2011

Time is Flying....26 Weeks

Pregnancy #3 continues to fly by and last week we passed the 26 week mark!  If I'm completely honest I'll admit that during the "sickness" portion it didn't seem like time was passing as quickly, but in reality it did and now that is all behind us.  Life is busy, just like everyone else's is, so we'll enjoy every minute of this quickly passing pregnancy before we're a busy family of 5.  We've started to talk about names but have yet to settle on anything for a boy or girl.  I can honestly say that there are days I think it's a girl and others I think boy, we'll be estatic and in love with either.

At my 23 week appt we had our ultrasound (it was actually the third time we saw the baby but this one is probably the most exciting).  The baby was very active!  It is amazing to see this little person God is creating inside my belly.  10 fingers, 10 toes and everything else was developing just as it should.  According to the measurements the Dr. is sticking with May 6 so only time will tell when this little one will be welcomed into our family. (Sorry for the "all in one" pic, I didn't have time to scan each one individually).

January 29, 2011

Snow Fun...

Garrett loves to play in the snow.  He does not like being told it's time to come inside and warm up!  We all love the chance to get outside and enjoy some fresh air so when I say "shall we get our boots on and go outside", both kids run for the door and are quite easy to get all bundled up.  It's a great workout trudging around in the snow with the kids!

Jenna practicing on her new snowboard, it didn't take long and she had the hang of it.  It's pretty surprising how fast the kids actually get going down the hill by our house.

Jenna and Garrett both love riding on the snowmobile with Dave.  Generally they don't all three ride together but neither Jenna or Garrett was willing to get off.  Jenna loves to wear the helmet and go fast with Dave, and Garrett just loves to ride.  When Dave shuts it off the first things Rett does is reach for the pull to start it back up, oh how quickly they catch on.

A look back at Christmas

Christmas 2010 was full of fun.  Jenna and I spent an evening putting together and decorating a gingerbread house.  It was fun and Jenna loved putting all the candy on it.

A family picture on Christmas Eve

After making homemade pizza for lunch, we opened gifts with the kids.  Garrett had not touched the presents under the tree or really played with the tree at all during the weeks leading up to Christmas.  However, once we started pulling the prsents out from under the tree and opening them he quickly realized that he could fit under there and reach more.  It was very entertaining to watch him scoot under the tree!

He knew exactly what to do when a present came his way.  He loves his new cars, his very own bean bag (no more sharing with sis) and Elmo books that make noise of course!

Jenna was so thrilled with her rollerblades.  She has been practicing downstairs so that when springtime comes she can keep up with the neighbor kids.

Christmas Eve we celebrated with my family.  Here are the kids with their cousin Allee and Gram.

We felt very blessed to spend the holidays with so many family and friends and made many changes in our family to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.  One of my favorite memories of Christmas was hearing  Jenna pray "thank you God for sending your son, baby Jesus, to Earth to be born so that he could forgive our sins"....from the mouths of babes.