January 29, 2011

Snow Fun...

Garrett loves to play in the snow.  He does not like being told it's time to come inside and warm up!  We all love the chance to get outside and enjoy some fresh air so when I say "shall we get our boots on and go outside", both kids run for the door and are quite easy to get all bundled up.  It's a great workout trudging around in the snow with the kids!

Jenna practicing on her new snowboard, it didn't take long and she had the hang of it.  It's pretty surprising how fast the kids actually get going down the hill by our house.

Jenna and Garrett both love riding on the snowmobile with Dave.  Generally they don't all three ride together but neither Jenna or Garrett was willing to get off.  Jenna loves to wear the helmet and go fast with Dave, and Garrett just loves to ride.  When Dave shuts it off the first things Rett does is reach for the pull to start it back up, oh how quickly they catch on.

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