February 28, 2011

30 Weeks...

 All continues to go well in Kapenga babyland.  Unbelivably we're already at the 30 week mark (as of last week, I'm a little behind).  I love feeling this little baby moving and kicking, and it does so frequently during the evening and when I want to sleep of course.  That may just be more due to the fact that it's the only time of day that I get to sit still long enough to feel it.  Hard to believe how quickly time is going and how much we have to do yet to prepare for baby....including a NAME!  We have the girls name narrowed down to a couple favorites but still absolutely no idea for a boy.  We do not know what we are having and other peoples guesses tend to be an even mix of boy and girl...time will tell!

February 14, 2011

Our Babymoon...

Since we had an August wedding we had decided to not take a tropical honeymoon right away, rather we'd take it once the Michigan cold weather settled in.  Everyone always told us that if we didn't take our honeymoon right away it would most likely never happen.  By the time it was cold out I was pregnant with Garrett so we decided to wait until after his first birthday, low and behold I was pregnant again and sick so it didn't sound like much fun.  Around Christmas time we had thrown around the idea of maybe trying to get away for a short babymoon vacation before baby #3 but never settled on anything serious until Dave came home from work one day and told me we were going and could pick between two resorts - love him!  Then came Blizzard 2011...the day we were supposed to leave.  Thankfully the airline was trying eagerly to prevent as much traffic through Chicago as possible so we were given the option to push our trip back a week.  It made things a little hectic trying to rearrange the schedule of caregivers for the kids and obviously we had been excited to leave, however, with all the snow we did get it was a good choice to stay home rather than end up stranded at the airport.  Fast forward a week and we left Grand Rapids, not without a hitch of course, but in the end after running through the O'Hare airport (yes I'm quite sure people were laughing at the preggo lady dragging her suitcase as she ran) we made it to Mexico and our resort only about an hour behind schedule. 

Then it was time to RELAX and ENJOY....

Walks on the beach and enjoying the sunshine
Not living by the schedule of the kids, and doing everything when we felt like it
Enjoying some yummy beverages.  Of course mine were all without alcohol so I made sure Dave had enough for me

Lovely dinners with no kids needing our attention 
Morning walks on the beach because we had no schedule to keep, no kids to get to school or the sitter, no work....no worries 
Even thousands of miles from home Dave could enjoy one of his favorite pastimes, soccer!  He still plays indoor at the Soccer Stop so he jumped at the chance to play some beach soccer.  It was "international" with his teammates coming from Argentina, Chile and Mexico.  
If it was not for the kids back home it would have been hard to leave this view.   
The resort was gorgeous, including the wildlife that could be seen all over.  I thought it was hilarious that we walked right past this pond of flamingos everyday. 
There was even a small shopping center on the resort grounds complete with a canal and open air square with a gazebo.  Dave and I both commented on how it reminded us of Vienna, Austria (with palm trees, lol). 
We were both very excited to come home and see the kids.  They did wonderful for those who took care of them and greeted us with big smiles.  Garrett's smile included a fat lip following a nasty fall at Grandma's but I think after the bleeding finally stopped and it healed up a bit, grandma felt worse about it than Rett.  I'm so glad we were able to have this time since our relationship has always been us + child and so much of our time it spent focusing on things other than just the two of us.  Now it's back to reality but I have no complaints about my reality, I just feel blessed!