March 15, 2011

18 Months....Slow Down

It really is hard to believe that Garrett is 18 months old already, where did the time go?  With baby on the way so much of what he does just makes him seem so much older to me and I know he will seem HUGE once the baby does arrive.  He is a little sponge when it comes to picking up things from his big sister.  She is learning quickly that she needs to be a good example because he mimics everything she does.  He continues to have a very fun personality, laid back and most of the time very sweet.  He jabbers non-stop and is talking more and putting more and more words together while still signing a couple that we taught him.  My favorite at the moment is when Jenna plays the song "If You're Happy and You Know It" on her radio and he dances around doing all the motions, melts my heart!

Right now he loves reading Elmo books and playing with trucks, cars....anything that makes noise.  He thinks body parts are fun to point out....eyes, nose (he says beep beep), ears, belly button, is so fun to watch them learn.  We laugh that he is a neat freak like his dad.  If something spills he runs for a towel to wipe it up, if he finds a piece of trash he has to bring it to the trash (although we're certain a few non-trash items have found their way in there as well).  He is also getting the hang of being gentle with a baby.  Big Sis usually lets him play dolls with her and shows him how to be gentle.  Lately he has decided that he doesn't need a high chair and sippy cup...he wants to be a big boy!  To top it off he has a naughty little grin that makes it so hard to get mad at him :-).  He is a cuddly little boy after his nap and I will cherish these moments as long as I can because they pass all too quickly.  Love you so much little, big guy!

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