March 15, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

As a family Christmas Gift, Dave's parents took the entire family on a weekend trip to Great Wolf Lodge!  It was a great way to break up the cold of the Michigan Winter.  Jenna left with Grace, Hannah, Papa and Grandma on Friday afternoon already and enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with just them!  The kids had an absolute riot playing in the water, playing in the arcade, eating ice cream, going to story time and just running around!  Both Jenna and Garrett loved the water, and Jenna even talked me into going down all the water slides (only later did I see the sign suggesting pregnant women not go down two of them...oops!)

Needless to say both the kiddos were tuckered out on the ride home and it only took a couple miles before both were sound asleep.  Unfortunately Sunday morning Garrett had woke up and just wasn't acting like himself.  He had been fighting a cold but his ear infection and respiratory infection had been cleared by the Dr. before we left.  On the way home he grew more and more restless and as his temp continued to rise his breathing also grew worse.  We ended up dropping Jenna off and heading to urgent care.  The poor little buddy had developed the start of pneumonia.  We spent the next several days at home, just trying to get better and fortunately he was able to kick it.  His one cold for the winter turned out to be a real doozie but fortunately he's laid back and took all the medicine and neb treatments in stride (mommy and daddy were, however, thankful for the return of sleep)

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