April 20, 2011

Project Basement..."check"....

Last fall knowing #3 was on the way we spent a great deal of time debating on the "arrangement" of bedrooms.  Our basement was completely unfinished and we had the option to expand and put rooms for two kids downstairs.  After debating we decided now was a great time to go ahead with the project.  We set a number that we were willing to spend and would go as far as that would take us and then quit until we could finish the rest.  We were pleasantly surprised that everything but the bathroom has been finished in time for baby #3!  The bathroom still needs flooring and vanity but we'll take a break and tackle that after baby. 

We let Jenna pick out which of the two rooms she would like and naturally she picked the largest.  It works GREAT to have all her Bitty baby, Barbie and pet shop toys all in her room with room to play with it.  We found the bedding (on sale with a coupon of course) at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  She picked the aqua color for her walls.  We had my old dresser re-sprayed white when our trim was painted and added some new hardware.  Jenna and I also had fun "crafting" making some pictures and storage boxes that coordinate with her room.  Gotta love Michaels Craft Store and their 40% off coupons.  We still are looking for a large mirror for her wall above her dresser and I have a couple frames to hang up yet but we'll get to that.

Garrett's room was hard to decide what to do.  I really wanted something that could "grow" with him since it's expensive to decorate kids rooms.  I found bedding at Pottery Barn that I loved the minute I saw it.  The plaid comforter and pillow sham have so many colors that we could do almost any theme with it.  We did buy him a new crib (thank you Wal-Mart on-line) that will transition all the way to a full size bed.  The dresser was Dave's, with some new hardware...kind of fun to re-use things for our kids that we used.  After shopping around I found a whole stash of Route 66 decor at Hobby Lobby.  Love that store and how everything goes on sale so over the course of a couple weeks we snagged a bunch of fun stuff to decorate with.  I am super happy with how it turned out.  Thankfully this crib sits really low so he cannot get out and we hung all the wall hangings high enough he cannot reach them.  We do laugh every time we put him in his crib, he looks at one of the frames that contains a picture of him and Dave on the snowmobile and says "daddy vroom-vroom" and laughs.  Need to get the red curtains hung yet and then we'll be set.  Yes, there is a rocking chair in his room yet, he loves to be spoiled and rock in it after reading books before bed.  Dave has a huge soft spot for bedtime with the kids and so if Garrett points to the chair and says "rock-rock" he usually gets his way :-).  If anyone has a dark colored rocker of any sort for sale let me know, this glider needs to make it's way back up to the nursery in just a couple short weeks!

 The rec room area I went a little bolder than anything upstairs and did one red wall!  I was really happy with the results and I was able to re-use a rug and table from our previous house in the kids play area.  Jenna and her friends love to color and do crafts so we figured by putting down the rug and using the small table it would give them a great area for this without having to worry about things being spilled/dropped directly on to the carpet. The plan was to eventually move our upstairs furniture downstairs since it is well worn and far from new.  The key word being eventually.  Then I came across a steal of a deal on a couch, over sized chair with ottoman at of all places Big Lots.  I know, Big Lots, really?  It's name brand and was exactly what I would have eventually looked for so Dave was all about getting it for a good deal.  The walls downstairs looks pretty bare but they may have to stay that way until after baby....after all, I probably should start getting baby stuff out and packing a bag for the hospital.

Happy Birthday Dave!

Last weekend we not only enjoyed the wonderful summer like weather, we also were able to celebrate Dave's 31st birthday!  The kids (more so Jenna) had fun shopping for his presents and card.  She had asked him what he would like and he told her a new shirt so that is exactly what she had her heart set on buying him, so cute.  She looked at LOTS of cards before picking one out, thankfully her brother was in an ultra patient mood on this particular day.  We let Dave pick a restaurant when we decided to go out on Saturday, he asked Jenna if she had any suggestions and of course she said "the peanut place", aka, Logans.  She loves eating the peanuts and thinks it's great she can throw the shells on the floor.  We laugh because our neat freak son says "uh-oh" every time a shell goes on the floor and not in the trash, silly boy!  The kids did great eating out but we were all too full for dessert so we saved the strawberry shortcake Jenna and I made for Sunday.  After spending lunchtime with Dave's family and letting the kids play outside we headed home to relax and enjoy the great weather. 

We are thankful every day for the husband and dad Dave is and we are grateful God has put him in our lives.  Thank you for all you do for our family and most importantly, all the times you put aside your own projects and desires to instead spend time playing, going places, and doing things for/with us.  Your unselfishness is never overlooked!!!

April 19, 2011

34 Weeks and counting

Wow, have I been a blog slacker.  Lots has been going on but I'll post pictures later of what else has been keeping the Kapenga family busy.  This pic is actually a few weeks late but better late than never, I'm actually a couple days shy of 38 weeks.  I caught my first doozie of a cold for the winter and felt miserable for a few days.  The worst has been a lingering cough going on 2 weeks.  My ab muscles are getting quite a workout from all the coughing!  Most people are guessing girl at this point with a couple boys mixed in, not long and we will know :-)