April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Dave!

Last weekend we not only enjoyed the wonderful summer like weather, we also were able to celebrate Dave's 31st birthday!  The kids (more so Jenna) had fun shopping for his presents and card.  She had asked him what he would like and he told her a new shirt so that is exactly what she had her heart set on buying him, so cute.  She looked at LOTS of cards before picking one out, thankfully her brother was in an ultra patient mood on this particular day.  We let Dave pick a restaurant when we decided to go out on Saturday, he asked Jenna if she had any suggestions and of course she said "the peanut place", aka, Logans.  She loves eating the peanuts and thinks it's great she can throw the shells on the floor.  We laugh because our neat freak son says "uh-oh" every time a shell goes on the floor and not in the trash, silly boy!  The kids did great eating out but we were all too full for dessert so we saved the strawberry shortcake Jenna and I made for Sunday.  After spending lunchtime with Dave's family and letting the kids play outside we headed home to relax and enjoy the great weather. 

We are thankful every day for the husband and dad Dave is and we are grateful God has put him in our lives.  Thank you for all you do for our family and most importantly, all the times you put aside your own projects and desires to instead spend time playing, going places, and doing things for/with us.  Your unselfishness is never overlooked!!!

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