May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

What a beautiful day to celebrate our risen Lord!  We enjoyed a great service at church along with some wonderful family time.  Dave Aunt went above and beyond having the kids decorate their own bags and then heading outside to collect eggs, each having their name on them.  We picked Jenna back up later in the day and headed to my moms in the evening.

Jenna (holding Charlie), Allee and Garrett...who was WAY more interested in the eggs that he could see in the yard than having his picture taken.

He and Jenna both knew exactly what to do.  Jenna was being so sweet and "finding" eggs for Garrett until she realized he was holding his own and just as many as she did.
 Not the best family pic since it was a little breezy but it will have to do.
 While helping daddy and Uncle Travis grill, Garrett had some fun on the scooter.  He needs to learn that grandma's driveway is WAY more steep than ours.

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