May 1, 2011

"Family" Fun Night


Last Friday night was Family Fun Night at Zeeland Christian.  For the last couple weeks Jenna would see the poster advertising the event as we walked in to school every day.  It was her weekend to go to Chad and Krysta's so I made sure to tell them about it, as did Jenna.  I had told them that if they had other obligations I didn't mind taking her and bringing her to them a little later.  Then last week she asked her dad if we could all go with her and he said that would be completely fine.  She was SO excited on Friday, running through the house chanting "I get to go to fun night with my whole big family".  It was a really fun night and we were all blessed to see the smile on her face as we took turns playing various games with her.  She even shared her tickets with Garrett, who loved all the action, and would have given some to her sister Stella as well if she were actually old enough to play.  The highlight of Jenna's night was playing the fish pond game with her dad until she finally won a goldfish!

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