May 13, 2011

Welcome Elsie Jo!

On Thursday, May 12, 2011 we were blessed to welcome Elsie Jo into our family!  After a quick labor and delivery we heard the Dr. say "it's a little girl, well no offense sweetie but you're not so little!"  She has a good chunky start to life at 8lbs 7ozs and was 20 inches long.  We were so grateful to finally be meeting our precious, healthy baby...God is SO good!
 Mommy and daddy are smitten with you already...pretty sure you have daddy wrapped around your little chubby fingers already!
 My mom took Jenna to school in the morning and when she went to pick her up she had a big surprise....coming to the hospital to meet her new baby sister!
 Garrett LOVES babies and his little sis, Elsie, is no exception.  He asks to "hold" her all the time and gives her TONS of kisses.
 Elsie and her cousin Charlie who is 5 weeks older than her....but they are almost the same size already!
 All bundled up
 A sweet sister moment
 Garrett giving her kisses again!  He's such a tenderhearted little boy and I'm sure he will be a wonderful big brother to Elsie.
 Our three little muchkins
One terrific big sister!

Elsie, it only took a moment for you to steal our hearts!  We love you so very much, welcome to our family sweet little one.


Anonymous said...

Congrats she is so cute

The DeVries Family said...

Adorable Pics Wen. Can't wait to see her again soon!

The Rotman's said...

You are on it, momma!! Super cute pics and a great post. Welcome to the world sweet Elise. You are loved more than you even know. :)

Anonymous said...

Elsie is adorable. LOVE the name!!

The Busscher Family... said...

Congrats...Elsie is adorable, love her name too!