July 28, 2011

Sweet Baby E

Rather than trying to catch up at this point, we'll just start with the present.  Sweet baby Elsie is exactly that, sweet!  You are growing up so fast, just wish we could make time stand still and enjoy this newborn stage a bit longer. At your 2 month check-up you were 24" long and 13lbs 2ozs, not quite as big as Garrett but certainly not far behind!  You were a champ getting your shots and they didn't really seem to bother you much in the days following. In the last couple weeks you started napping during the day a bit less but we're starting to get back on track, I think you just are afraid you're going to miss something exciting around here since there is never a dull moment. You are most sleepy in the morning then stay up for awhile before taking a nice afternoon nap on most days.  You tend to fight sleep in the evening but I think it's just your way for making sure you get some attention :-)!  You go down around 10:00pm and sleep until 5:00ish and then go back down until 9:00. You are still eating about every three hours during the day. Sadly, we are putting away the newborn clothes (insert mommy tear here) and you are in mostly 3 months with some jammies being 3-6 months as you do not like it when you cannot stretch your legs out.  Things you like....your bouncy seat with the toys and laying on your play mat listening to the music and looking in the mirror.  You are SO full of gummy big smiles, love them!  You really don't even mind tummy time, most likely because big brother or sister are always there to try and entertain you.  Bath time always brings out a smile and you don't even mind some extra water from your brothers splashing.  We spend a lot of time outside with the big kids and you love sitting in the shade and feeling the breeze.  In the last couple weeks several people have commented that they are no longer sure you look exactly like Garrett, you have changed a lot!  You did lose a lot of your dark hair but it has already come back in and is still dark.  We're still uncertain what color your eyes will be as they are much darker than your siblings, some days they look so blue the whites of your eyes look blue and other days they are a very dark hazel color....either way we think you're adorable!  You are such a joy to have in the family and we love you to pieces!