September 25, 2011

Little Buddah....

We say it with the utmost love, you are our "little buddah".  Oh Elsie, where does the chunkiness end?  We love your chubby little feet, legs that rival a veteran football player, arms that include folds at the elbow and wrist, and cheeks so chunky that your dimple is hidden.  You were a champ when mommy and daddy hauled you out to the field nearby and propped you up in mommy's childhood rocking chair for a couple 3 month pictures.  Nothing professional, but you are changing so quickly that it hardly seemed worth it.  

At 3 months you are an absolute joy!  You are a content and mostly mellow baby.  You were sleeping through the night from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am but recently you suddenly wanted to go to bed at 7:30 or 8:00 and wake up around 3:30 for a very short, 10 minute feeding.  Then it's back down for more zzz's until 7:00.  During the day you are going 3 1/2 to 4 hours during feedings and nap in the morning, afternoon and early evening.

You're growing out of so many clothes and it makes mommy a little sad to empty the tiny ones from the closet to make room for larger sizes.  You are in mostly 3-6 and 6 months clothes and wear size 2 diapers.  

You have rolled over several time in your crib during naps and during the night since you love to sleep on your tummy.  You finally showed mommy and daddy how you do it a couple weeks later.  Your new favorited include the jumperoo, bumbo chair and trying to sit up in your bouncy seat!  You love to reach for toys dangling in front of you and are fascinated with your hands.  Sitting up in your stroller outside to you can see the kids playing brings huge smiles to your face!

Big bro and sis are still in love with you and for the most part are very nice to you.  Garrett has the cutest way of saying "Elsie Jo-Jo", and Jenna will do almost anything for you as your second little mommy!

We love you to pieces little E!!!!!

Jenna goes to Kindergarten!

 Our sweet Jenna is growing up so fast.  She was very excited to start Kindergarten this year at Zeeland Christian.  Garrett was not so sure about Jenna going off to school, he wanted to go too!

 Waiting to enter her classroom, silly mom couldn't let that happen without a picture :-)
 Hanging up her backpack
Jenna with her teacher, Mrs. Rozema. We have a great appreciation for her teacher and all the staff at ZCS, our prayer is that she has a great year!

Family Fun, beach style

 When the weather is warm why not enjoy what the beach has to offer?  A couple weeks ago, rather than eating dinner at home on a Sunday night, we packed it up and headed to the beach.  The kids ran, played and watched boats.  So simple and so much fun!

 Sweet E as happy as can be!
 Daddy and Garrett watching boats.  Garrett really wanted to see Uncle Travis, but on this night he was working the water in Grand Haven.
 Poor Elsie.  Trying to pull off the crazy bow that mommy put on you :-)

Who can resist a stop at Captain Sundae when on the way home?

Fun @ the Fair

 Garrett LOVED being whipped around in the car and wanted to go faster.....
 .....his cousin Allee, not so much!

 Want to get a smile on Garrett's face?  Just put him by a tractor, preferably John Deere.
The last week of August we made a totally spontaneous, last minute trip to the fair with my family.  The kids LOVED it!  After some good food we bought the wristbands so the kids could enjoy the way overpriced rides.  Grandma was having just as much fun as the kids, loving every minute of all the rides they wanted her to go on.  Sometimes the best memories are made when least expected :-). 

Tooth Fairy x 2

Jenna has been waiting patiently for a wiggly tooth, very patiently!  It started with a single wiggly bottom tooth.  While brushing her teeth before bed it became very loose.  She wiggled and wiggled and asked how she could get it out.  I told her that maybe taking a piece of gauze would give her a better grip to just yank it out.  Lo and behold, she did it!  It took a minute, but she was determined!  She was SO excited for a visit from the tooth fairy.  We, oh, I mean the tooth fairy, left her $1 that night.  It would have been perfect except for the neighbor girl losing a tooth the same night and telling Jenna that her tooth fairy left $5.  Really, $5 for one tooth?!?  She was so excited about her $1 that she wanted to loose more teeth!  Lucky for her, she woke up with another loose tooth.  By lunchtime, Jenna pulled that one out as well.  I told her she better lay off the tooth pulling a little bit or she'll be drinking all her food through a straw :-)

September 23, 2011

Tri-ponds Camping

Kennedy and Jenna spending some time with E.
Garrett ready to ride with Avery's bike and Elise's helmet....go Rett, go!
After witnessing a couple of the big boys using the trees as their bathroom, Garrett decided to give it a try. Silly boy!
Garrett and his best bud, "Kolker"
Fishing Fun!

Bathing beauties
What dirt?  It was even more fun when it rained and turned to mud.  Oh well, boys will be boys!

Oh Elsie, how we LoVe you so

These pictures are all of Elsie at around 3 months.  She thoroughly enjoys all the attention of her big sister and brother!
This precious babe is not going to have baby blues like brother and sister.  Instead, Elsies are currently in color confusion land.  Some days they look brown and other days they look green....all days I think they are beautiful :-)

One happy baby and smiles are almost always easy to get!
Discovering the world of things your hands can reach.  Never a big fan of the play mat (unless, oddly enough, she was on her tummy), once she could reach the toys we'd hang on it she loved it.
Love me some chubby baby feet!