September 25, 2011

Tooth Fairy x 2

Jenna has been waiting patiently for a wiggly tooth, very patiently!  It started with a single wiggly bottom tooth.  While brushing her teeth before bed it became very loose.  She wiggled and wiggled and asked how she could get it out.  I told her that maybe taking a piece of gauze would give her a better grip to just yank it out.  Lo and behold, she did it!  It took a minute, but she was determined!  She was SO excited for a visit from the tooth fairy.  We, oh, I mean the tooth fairy, left her $1 that night.  It would have been perfect except for the neighbor girl losing a tooth the same night and telling Jenna that her tooth fairy left $5.  Really, $5 for one tooth?!?  She was so excited about her $1 that she wanted to loose more teeth!  Lucky for her, she woke up with another loose tooth.  By lunchtime, Jenna pulled that one out as well.  I told her she better lay off the tooth pulling a little bit or she'll be drinking all her food through a straw :-)

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